Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Influence of the English Premier League On Kenyans.

The Influence of the English Premier League On Kenyans

“It’s Robin Van Persieee! What a goal!” the commentator’s high-pitched voice would fill the room and what a hell of noise from the enthusiast supporters! After this, it’s recap stories all through the way back to their homes. The same type of stories will welcome day break and the victims are always under siege! Some will even decide to lengthen their sleeps deliberately so as to avoid the early scorns from these stalwart Manchester united fans. This is the English premier league made in Kenya! You may wonder when you discover the level of die hardness of Kenyan E.P.L fans.
The E.P.L is absolutely the most popular international league throughout the world but honestly, there is no country that has demonstrated high levels of die hardness to this league at an astonishing state like Kenya. I always imagine that this league is in Kenya! A Kenyan will program all what they will plan for but believe it or not, when it comes that it’s match day in the E.P.L, the programs will be adjusted in favor of the game ahead. They will do their best to make sure they won’t fail to spot even a second of the on goings in the game!
One thing that takes me by surprise is how Kenyans, be young or old have mastered to capture each and every figure in the E.P.L particularly from their darling teams. I was astonished to realize that our last born who is just at the baby school could master the whole starting eleven Chelsea squad! He is just a juvenile for you to imagine he can do so. Somebody’s grandfather will not miss an Arsenal game no matter the situations! He will guarantee he preserves a Ksh 20 coin through the week so that he doesn’t miss that Saturday’s clash. My own dad is a tough Arsenal supporter and you may wonder if he has other pairs of shirts in his wardrobe because he won’t let his Arsenal kit go off his body. You will still see him in it even on Sundays during the sermons! There is one such a day when mum tried to hide this kit from his presence but guess what happened? My mum won’t dare do that again! She almost slept outside that day!
Now, there is this hilarious trend that has led to more E.P.L supporters hankering for the game in Kenya, the sports betting opportunity! Go to any university ground in Kenya and you may wonder how the laptops and smart phones are tired from the monotony of googling “Sportpesa, Betyetu, Elitebet, Justbet, name them! It has been quite a success to some of them. For example, a friend of mine placed a bet with only Ksh 100 but came out a Ksh 40,000 winner from his bets, and he has never quit betting from then! Others simply lose their only upkeep and are left regretting to have placed that bet.
I’m not seeing the end of the E.P.L’s reputation from Kenyan fans unless the league itself gets barred for life which is something that cannot by far happen that easily. Not from politicians, religious leaders, women nor children, the E.P.L is Kenyan!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Welcome again my dear friends!
Just got something to share with you;something to keep a smile on you.I'm currently still in session at the university.When it comes on matchdays(most EPL matchdays are on the weekends) one may go to our students' hall maybe at their own businesses e.g,to utilize the Wi-fi and may get amused to see how the chairs are under siege!Ropes tied all over the chairs throughout the entire hall!! Let me kick off your worries if you are a new visitor into that hall.They say,make hay while the sun shines..the same applies to what you experience in the halls on the chairs!That's an arrangement of tommorow's journey!My dear friend,you are only allowed accesss to that chair tied with a rope or marked in any way before or after a live football match on the screen infront of you.Those chairs have been reserved and you may wonder it's early in the morning while the exact match time could be 10hrs to come!!!Really diehardness!!
Now,it's after 10hrs and the game has just kicked off!!We have two types of people in the hall,those with a comfortable space to sit and watch and those late comers who could not be lucky enough to 'reserve' a seat.Everyone has to be at a strategic point of view to watch the game!Maybe you can see for yourself how these guys devise ways to make it possible to watch all the live acts of the EPL game!!A watch from the ceilings!!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Hello and welcome!
Maybe you wanted to know to what extent the English Premier League has influenced most Kenyan lives?..Welcome to this site where you'll be having a great time enjoying for yourself the stories that will leave some of you with itching ribs!The English premier league is exclusively the one and only league overseas which has a lot of diehard fans in Kenya.Almost 95% of Kenyans support this prominent and popular league!You may wonder to see that even a 1year old chick in Kenya can mention for you a whole squad of their favorite team!Don't wonder to see an old granny listing for you a whole squad of Manchester united or Chelsea!They know better about what's happening in the training camps,the transfer updates,injury updates,live scores,name them;you may think they are in England but to make it funny,they are in Kenya..too far from  England that it may cost one a whooping $1,385.24 to travel there!They say this is Kenya and everything is possible provided we've got the passion!
Keep updated with my posts and hope you'll enjoy reading through them!Thumbs up!!